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Reach customers the right way,
at the right time

HungryHour helps you promote your food/drink deals and happy hours to hundreds of customers a day. By offering limited-time discounts that customers will love, you stand out against a competitive market, drive more business, and maximize efficiency.

Attract customers in real-time

Offer real-time deals customers won't be able to resist. When you post a deal, users immediately see when it's posted and the time left--encouraging them to quickly take action.

Speed up slow hours

Drive customers into your restaurant during specific days and times of your choosing. Time sensitive deals help you maintain a steady flow of traffic and maximize sales.

Boost your exposure

Easily build brand awareness and drive restaurant discovery. Stop relying solely on sidewalk signs, word of mouth, or ineffective social media efforts to gain traffic.

Take back control

Partnering with HungryHour helps you rise above negative reviews from other sites. By shifting the focus on what really matters--your food at limited-time prices--we help you get the growth you deserve.

Gain busines insights

HungryHour provides you with valuable analytics into customer engagement: number of views, clicks, time spent viewing. Make better strategic decisions such as what dish to roll out or what discount to promote next.

How it works


Promote deal

Create a food, drink, or happy hour listing with a designated start and end date/time.


Be discovered

Hundreds of users will discover your deal while browsing the app.


Gain new customers

Customers will visit your restaurant and spread the word to their friends!

Countless ways to grow with us

Create discounts during slow hours

Test out new menu items

Sell excess stock

Happy hours

Promote lunch specials

Soft/grand opening discounts

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